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Ordering and Payment

KU Bookstore handles Apple departmental ordering for both KU and KUMC. Orders should not be made on this website. Instead, please contact us at techshop@ku.edu or 785-864-1361.

Orders for departments can be paid for by Purchase Order, Departmental Charge Account, or BPC Card depending on user preference. KU strongly urges the use of Financials in the Clouds (FITC) for ordering Apple products. For KUMC, Purchase Orders can be created in the Market Center and then emailed to us as techshop@ku.edu.


Quotes are available upon request by contacting techshop@ku.edu. For any item that is not in the catalog at FITC, you can use the information on the quote provided to create a Purchase Order by going through the Non-Catalog Goods punchout.


For Main Campus orders, KU Bookstore will deliver products ordered through FITC to the designated address. For items in stock, we will personally hand deliver the items to the proper contact. For orders of items out of stock, KU Bookstore will have the items shipped directly to the end user.

For KUMC orders, Computers and iPads will be delivered to the help desk at KUMC and the employees at the help desk will contact the end user when those items are ready to pick up. These deliveries occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All non-computer/tablet items are delivered to the KU Bookstore location on campus at KUMC and we will contact the end user when the order is ready to be picked up.

DEP and Warranties

Orders placed for computers for both KU and KUMC are automatically registered under Apple’s Device Enrollment Program and there is no action required on for the end user to complete this process. For any device that is not registered or needs to be registered under DEP, please contact us at techshop@ku.edu.

KU Bookstore offers both AppleCare and CPS Warranties for Apple devices. KUMC requires their devices to be covered by the CPS Warranty. Both warranties are available to be added to a purchase anytime in the first year of the purchase. All warranties are registered electronically at the time of purchase, and there is no action needed on the end user’s part.