Service & Repairs by The Tech Shop


Question: What kind of computers can you repair?

Answer: We are Apple-certified technicians so Apple products are our main focus. However there are some systems we can set up mail-in repairs for if the system is under warranty.

Question: I have a PC (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc.) that has been physically damaged. Can you repair this?

Answer: If the system was purchased from us along with the CPS accidental warranty plan then we can repair it by sending it in to the CPS repair center. Otherwise we cannot repair damaged computers other than Apple computers.

Question: My Mac computer is pretty old. Can you fix it?

Answer: A sales associate will be able to determine whether it can be repaired when you check your computer in. If Apple’s service database shows your unit to be “Vintage” or “Obsolete”, we are unable to order parts to fix hardware issues. We are able to reinstall macOS and retrieve data if possible and if that will resolve the issue.

Question: Can you fix iPhones and/or iPhone screens?

Answer: We do not offer iPhone repairs. We recommend contacting the Apple Store in Leawood, KS for assistance

Question: What will repairs cost?

Answer: Pricing for hardware is subject to change at any time. Any pricing quoted at check-in is NOT a final quote. Final price quotes will be made after diagnostics are complete. Taking a computer without making repairs incurs the $40 diagnostic fee. The diagnostic fee is waived if repairs are completed on the unit.

Pricing for common repairs:


Diagnostics: $40
Operating System Reinstallation: $80
Data Recovery: $60

Hard Drive Replacement:

1 TB HDD: $100
250 GB SSD: $120
500 GB SSD: $150
Install: $80

Question: How long will it take to repair my computer?

Answer: Repairs are completed on first-come, first-serve basis. The general turnaround time for repairs is 3-5 business days. Same-day diagnostics and/or callbacks are not guaranteed. A technician will call or email you with diagnostic results. Please be sure your voicemail box is set up and cleared if you would like to receive voicemails from us.

Can I get a loaner computer while you repair my computer?

Answer: If the computer is covered under the CPS warranty sold by us and must be mailed to their service center, we can offer you a loaner. Otherwise, loaner computers are not available. Please reach out to KU Libraries to borrow computers if you need a computer during repairs.